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Toronto Businesses Need to Avoid Big-Name IT Outsourcing

Big computer and electronics firms like HP, Dell, and even retail outlets have been adopting service offerings that include support agreements and even IT management. It may seem to make sense; you can get business solutions and management from the same place you buy your hardware. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work as well as it sounds, especially for Toronto small and medium businesses.

Global electronic corporations are eager to sell more to businesses beyond just hardware.  Many of these big-name computer vendors are offering to roll out servers, hosted virtual networks, and other solutions for small businesses. That alone isn’t revolutionary – smaller tech companies like The Server Group Integrated Technology are able to easily provide the same offer to our clients.

Tip of the Week: Use Keystrokes to Close All Windows Applications

There are times when you might need to shutdown your computer as quickly as possible. This can prove burdensome if you have a dozen programs open. For times like these, and even in your day-to-day, Windows has a shortcut to quickly close all of your open programs. We will show you this time-saving trick with this week’s tip.

Do You Have an Employee On Boarding Process?

The need to grow your bottom line is a good problem to have, but being prepared when hiring new staff members is crucial for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, for a small business, it’s pretty likely you are hiring because you have too much work to do. Keep new employee motivation up by having a concrete process that ensures their workspace is ready when they walk in the door on their first day.

There’s a lot that goes into hiring new staff and there are countless school’s of thoughts and methods that different businesses employ while hiring. Regardless of your methods, being prepared and having a solid, documented plan will reduce the amount of time and money you spend on the new hire.

Protect your Laptop from your Lap

One of the greatest ironies in the computer world is that laptops should not be used on laps. Notebooks on the other hand, laptops smaller cousin, has a name that makes a little more sense because you can use a notebook on a notebook, but you should not use a notebook on a lap, and you can use a laptop on a notebook. Got it?

The problem comes from the way laptops and notebooks are designed to ventilate air; most machines have inflow vents on the bottom, truly a genius move. Laptop airflow works great only on a flat surface due to four little feet, each a few millimeters in height, that provide a gap of space between the bottom of the machine and the flat surface.

Is Your Network Monster-Proof?

Are you ready for Halloween? Beyond having a cute costume picked out; we want to know if you are prepared for a disaster brought on by ghosts, ghouls, goblins, or ogres. Battling the dark legions can escalate quickly into a full-blown crisis, and as your IT Company, we view it as our duty to help you prepare for the worst.

We at The Server Group Integrated Technology have transgressed cemeteries, backwoods, and haunted houses in order to round up the most popular Halloween haunts. We now want to unleash our findings upon you with the hope of scaring you straight into disaster preparedness. Your safest bet is to be prepared for anything and everything. Conveniently, many of the same principles used to stave off a fictional apocalypse can also be implemented for you and your staff to survive a real disaster.

The Expiration Dates of Windows 7

Who’s stoked about the launch of Windows 8? According to a Reuters report, not the business world. Many businesses perceive that Windows 8 is primarily a consumer product, and lacks any upgrades that will improve operations. It is also the nature of corporations to not adopt a new system until after 12-18 months of testing, so launches are treated as a non-event for many businesses.

Projections from the Gartner research firm show that Windows 8 will not be nearly as popular as its predecessor Windows 7. Feedback from businesses paints a gloomy picture for Microsoft with 90% of large organizations choosing to skip out upgrading to Windows 8. In fact, unless a new feature is added that is a game changer, Gartner predicts the peak of the Windows 8 lifespan will yield a puny 20 percent adoption rate. This means a lot of companies will continue to run Windows 7; but how long can you operate with an older operating system?

Windows 8: Three Products, Not An All-In-One

Microsoft launches Windows 8 today, and the complete revamp of the interface has the Windows faithful scratching their heads. To add to the confusion, Microsoft is actually releasing three different versions of Windows 8, and you should be familiar with all three adaptations before buying your next Windows OS.

Three versions of Windows 8 may come as news to some readers, due in part to the way Microsoft has marketed its latest offering. Microsoft has done a great job showing us how the tile interface is designed to harmoniously bring together your devices and your PC; but the impression one can take away from the advertisements, is that the full Windows 8 OS that runs on your PC also runs on your devices. This is a classic too-good-to-be-true scenario.

Tip of the Week: How to take Screenshots

How many times have you gotten a weird error or problem on your computer but couldn’t accurately explain it to tech support? In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words, and having a screenshot can help support resolve the issue faster.

With a couple of keyboard strokes you can save everything displayed on your monitor as an image and edit it as you need it. This screenshot capability includes creating images of web pages, desktop icons, notification boxes, file folders; basically anything displayed gets saved in the screenshot.

Cut Costs by Focusing on your Servers, Part 2

When we last met, we went over how you can save money by consolidating your various underutilized servers into one server, with a solution called virtualization. Today, we want to continue our discussion, by showing you another solution that will give you savings from your servers, this involves moving your servers functions over to a managed cloud environment.

3 Online File Sharing Services

Nowadays, when someone mentions the cloud there is a 50/50 chance they are talking about the amorphous brumes in the sky. Many times what they refer to is the internet cloud. The concept has taken off exponentially over the past couple years and now is available to everyone. There are dozens of services dedicated to secure cloud-based file sharing and backup. Outlined below are three of the most well-known options currently available their similarities and their differences.